Martes, Mayo 10, 2011

Weeks before Spain trip.

*As of May 2011*
I’m all hyped up at this moment all because I was reminded that our Spain trip will be sooner! This is going to be my very first trip to Europe so I would like to make this extra special mostly I’m with some of our relatives. Barcelona, Grenada & Madrid- three cities in two weeks. This calls for a dead tired long trip, walk & Sleep. I promise to take a lot of pictures and of course post it as I got the chance. I was also reminded that we’ll be watching a soccer game *Futbol*. As our itinerary has prepared ahead of time, it goes to show that two weeks will be hell of a crazy whirlwind adventure. I’m so looking forward to our food trip and get to taste authentic spanish dishes. Honestly, I feel excited and sad. Excited cause Spain, Oh spain! One of my dreams ever since I was a kid. Sad because after or before this trip, boyfie might leave anytime soon. Even worst he might leave PH with my absence. Next thing I know, He already left for Dubai.Its like riding in a roller coaster you’ll never know until the drop is near. Fingers crossed, and hoping to extend until the end of May. in addition, we’ll be present in his cousin’s wedding too. Happy ending right? 

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