Martes, Mayo 31, 2011


My baby peachie is all grown up, she had her first (.) , so heavy and her body was like all stretched out. She's now at the 10th month and two months more she's turning 1 year old. how fast! today my baby had her grooming and I decided to give her a puppy cut since her hair was too unmanageable.
After three hours of waiting, TADAH! I love her new look, she's so clean and presentable.  Everyone at home was surprised with her new look as well. My baby is now getting more tame, she doesn't throw up in the car plus she doesn't chill too. I was so happy to test her bad habits with good results

Thus, I gave her a reward. She's now wearing  pampers with panty of course!   
 Beef Cesar with different pork sticks.
Of course the rest of our babies namely: Micah's dog" Jammy & Wimoo", Ahya's dog" Chikie" and My dog " peachie" had the same dinner with a bit of fine dinning service. 

Look how happy she was after her meal.

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