Martes, Mayo 10, 2011

Long road trip from Manila to Baguio to Subic.

Before anything else please click the link below its your background music para mafeel niyo ang adventure namin! PEG LANG! HAHA!!!  PS cooperate! hahaha!!! :)

All photos were taken by me, walang Plagiarism lol :))

Lalalala Yahuuuuu Whoooo Whew!  My Blog starts here! enjoy!

I was at the age of 12 when me and my family had a long roadtrip starting from Manila to Davao, yes believe it or not! That was my first time to ride a RORO. Years had past as I grew enough, Me and my man decided to have a road trip but this time within luzon area only,traveling from Manila to Subic. As thrill seekers, all we’ve wanted something that would set aside our fears. The most convenient place for us was Tree top adventure located in Subic Area which is our primary purpose of moving out from urban. Since our trip was budgeted we opted to have the cheapest accommodation and to avail in a not too costly rastau.
  Fours hours of long drive passing through Nlex to Sctex to Subic port to Olongapo. My man as the “pilot” of the whole trip didn’t allow any chance to forget to double check his ” makina, gulong, air intake etc”.  All set with his map and of course fully gas-ed up auto , expecting a very long drive. First night in Subic was such an ice breaker, went to Subic Carnival and rode the TAGADISCO,just imagine a circular structure with random seats and has no seatbeltsin a rotational bumpy moves. our whole body swayed left and right, I got my camera on my right hand and bag on my left shoulder, the only thing that kept me alive was my left hand. 
When reached Tree Top Adventure we’ve seen the rides, I know deep in us we’re too excited and *super kabado! halata in our faces!”  Three rides down to the very last it was an alien feeling and amazing as if we own the sky flying left right up and down! it was an accomplishment indeed, laughing till the end and holding on the memories we had up there! hell yeah it was fun! 
  Staying in Subic for more than one day is not base form our original plan but the atmosphere itself pushed us to find something more than staying in Olongapo. The day itself after tree top adventure, we directly proceeded to Baguio, additional four hours trip from Subic to our next destination. Good thing jon had time to rest while Iya *his sister* switched to driving in SCTEX.  I couldn’t almost remember the last time I visited Baguio, Its so cold up there, Shivering from the coldness of the weather. Kilig much my man was tall enough to embrace with his arms and make me feel safe all the time. We never waste any precious time with Santos family.Congratulations to the newly UP graduate YVES SANTOS!  We had spent the days laughing, joking around about new stuffs!*chos* then stopped followed by someone laughing again! Everything went so smooth, fun laughter & full of happiness! It was a plan that anyone within our circle would agree was a feeling of accomplishment. 
Iya Santos
Sunset Swimming.
Nagpapalakas kami ng loob ni Iya, :))
Me and my man tried the flying surfer! sympre muntik na mag360 dahil sa knya.
Nakakakiliti no? :)))
the imbalance bridge, spot niyo ung bigat san side :)) Sweet no? HHWW pa!

I wasn’t brave enough at first but in the end I realized we traveled far just for this.

Baguio Pics
Who would have thought we finally reached baguio!
UP Baguio.
Wala ng gaganda pa. chos!
Santos Familyy

Jump Shot with newly UP Graduate! AYOS!
Siya ang papalit na naka hubad din hahaha!!
with my Bebe! :)
Si Sarah Balabagan
Nakakaloka ang mga pangyayari.
At Matutina’s

Oh diba ang sweet?
Today, so much happenings happened and it was absolutely a great time! having the same company I had will definitely call for a next adventure, for now I will leave you guys hanging. Thanks for reading!
*the End!

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