Miyerkules, Mayo 25, 2011

Sweets Overload in Madrid

Take home sweets from Madrid. Valor Restaurante,  a chocolaterias where churros and chocolate a big hit to the locals. The group had the breakfast meal in here. The place was only open for the group. We were treated so exclusive. Chocolate everywhere! NOT ONLY THAT, I also brought home some La Cure Gourmande Chocolates!
This blog is for 
Sweets overload
Valor packaging
I have five variety of chocolate truffles!
 Uhhh so Heavenly I must say. from L to R
Trufa Oro, Trufa Esquis Bitter, Trufa Glass,
Trufa Origen& Trufa Blanc Engandin.
The chocolate used for churros though its too strong. I bought one so ahya and jon could taste it also. :)

I took home black & white chocolates for baking!
Almond Chocolates from La Cure Gourmande
 Some were covered with black or white chocs.

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