Lunes, Mayo 30, 2011


 The moment we reached Madrid, Mama & I had a quick bite in the nearest restaurant within Plaza Mayor where so many restaurants to choose from but the thing that caught our tempting eyes was the hanging meats and the buzzing people coming in and out of the place, none other than-- Museo de Jamon in english translated as Museum of Ham. 
Fresh meats displayed in and out of the establishment.  Even passer by would stop and take a gaze on the hanging displays. 
It is indeed a worth time just to look even you don't have any intentions of buying their products. Entering the shop you would see different hanging legs/ hanging jamon , so many selection of cheeses! Oh yummy! All of them are for sale. 
Noticed so many locals were even eating at the bar counter , they said its a "Tapa Style" a small serving of meat with a combination of wine.  A little feeling of remorse due to some language barriers with the staff of the restaurant though the service was so quick and not too abrupt and food experience wasn't a problem much. 
As the resto name says Museum of Ham, they basically offer spanish ham, salads, steaks, tortillas and etc.  We tried Ham, Salami, Spanish Bread, Gambas, etc, so many to tell but what I liked the most was the Salami. Even it was categorized as a food chain, I liked some of its selections! 

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