Miyerkules, Agosto 31, 2011

ADELE - Rumour Has It (HQ: Live at iTunes Festival 2011)

Adele's voice is amazing, I love her songs. From Chasing pavements, rolling in the deep, someone like you and now this is my new fav. "Rumor has it"

Anne Hathaway shows off her mad rapping skills - Video Display - Video - The Edge

Someone took what was mine-Hi Dad.

How does it feel to have one?
I believe having a king seated on his throne.
To have on my own
not to disinherit what was gone.
You put me to the test
thus I was hungry by your love to manifest.
I asked myself “who are you now by the way?”
Life could be more meaningful If only you chose to stay.
Part of me shred from you
there’s no way to blame.
So many changes in me
years of absence, I’m now a lady.
Thanks to mama,
she became my superhero-wannabe.

hahaha! I made a poem in such spontaneous time. I was in bed, awe of such blessings given to me and in an instance something came to me and write all of these. perhaps my hidden confessions bursting in tears and laughters cause I’m done with it .I’m in bliss, Thank you God. Just wanted to share my little dramas in my life. That’s it :)

Martes, Agosto 9, 2011

In 3, 2, 1 Lez go Ferrero Macarons!

This is another successful baking day for me. I have decided to make my own version of Ferrero Macarons. I'm on cloud nine indeed, but I would be happier to give out these cookies to you. (Yes You!) For now since I promised to give some samples to my friends I made exactly small amounts just for the taste test. 

Here's a sample of my Ferrero Macarons.

I would like to share some precise information about Macarons:
From Wikipedia: A macaron (French pronunciation: [makaˈʁɔ̃])[1][2] is a sweet confectionery made with egg whitesicing sugargranulated sugaralmond powder or ground almond, and food coloring. The macaron is commonly filled with buttercream or jam filling sandwiched between two cookies.
The confectionery is characterized by its smooth, domed top, ruffled circumference (referred to as the "foot"), and flat base. It is mildly moist and easily melts in the mouth.

I want to have my own/customized packaging! haha! Friends, wait for your sample macarons. :)

Send in your orders!
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All pictures ⓒBethDaffodil

Huwebes, Hulyo 28, 2011

Exotic Coco-Mango Part 2

I've been so busy in the kitchen lately specifically in dessert area. I've been practicing my craft and since I'm too bored at home I've decided to focus on honing my skills instead. 
In continuation of my previous post on Exotic Coco Mango Cake,it has something related with this cake. It has the same flavor however I made it a little different on the presentation. This is actually a birthday cake gift to the one special to me. I made it simple and presentable. 
I made chocolate garnishes. Thanks to Gelato Tv for educating me on Youtube. For those who wants to learn how to make chocolate garnishes, go here Gelato TV
This is a photo taken on top using my 450d canon. ( Chocolate Garnish, Mango & Pistachio Nuts)

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All pictures ⓒBethDaffodil

Miyerkules, Hulyo 27, 2011

I made a dacquiose!

Exotic Coco-Mango Cake
From google: Dacquiose(French term) French dessert cake made with layers of almond and hazelnut meringue &whipped cream or buttercream.
I have managed to make a dacquiose! whew! This is my first time so I was a bit nervous so I studied carefully my recipe and did some deduction with the measurements. I had canker sore since I had to taste them every time I finished a layer but here you go I made it. Was totally happy with the result. It is composed of Almond dacquiose, Coconut with Rum cream and Mango jelly inside.with chocolate and mango bits on top---Exotic Coco-Mango cake.
Hope you like it! 

Huwebes, Hulyo 21, 2011

The day I made French Macarons!!! :p

Red Berry Macarons
It was weeks before I had time to bake again and gladly I alot a day just to make my fantasies happen. I made macarons, almost spent half of the day baking. I super enjoy it even I had to do all duties on my own. Being a baker at the same time a dishwasher. But when you're having fun it's all worth it. So, basically its the same flavor with different presentation and size. 

French Macarons in 3.5 diameter in size, a literal bite size sweets.(Buttercream filling and red berry jelly)

My mom said I should work a little "pulido" since she saw I went beyond the border. Hehe!

Miyerkules, Hulyo 20, 2011

Incubus - Promises, Promises

I'm not a fan of Incubus but when I heard this on the radio something struck me with this song. I googled the lyrics since I didn't know the title. Listen to it clearly, its very still and chillax. Here's the lyrics.

Lyrics to Promises, Promises :
I'm only 23 for another hour, give or take
I'm a fan of yours and I need a good mistake
I'm not a sinner or preacher, all I have is slight of hand
I do magic tricks for all the boys in the band

Baby could I be the rabbit in your hat?
I'd swing if you'd hand me, hand me the bat

I'm on the road of least resistance
I'd rather give up than give in to this
So promise me only one thing, would you?
Just don't ever make me promises
No promises

I've never done this before, promises, promises
But I'm enjoying the illusion and the things my body says
Now you see me, now you don't, oh how well you disappear
What are you running from and may I interfere?

Baby could I be the rabbit in your hat?
I'd swing if you'd hand me, hand me the bat

I'm on the road of least resistance
I'd rather give up than give in to this
So promise me only one thing, would you?
Just don't ever make me promises
No promises

Lunes, Hulyo 18, 2011

Fasta Pasta Night.

Chicken Linguine in Ricotta Tomato-Cream Sauce

There's nothing better than a dinner of creamy chicken and pasta to satisfy my Italian cravings. Last time when Jon was still around we sought for Japanese dishes, he's into ramen and I'm into Sashimi. We can get along since we have dissimilar food fantasies & the good news "No one to share with"! ha ha ha! However, truthfully there are times when I have the motivation to cook,thus ingredients are all out and prepared having no worries but proceed to cooking. It would indeed less hassle for me( which I sounded not like a culinary student) But when things clashed all you have to think is to make a delicious dish. A delisyoso dish which hit all the right buttons of the guest.

Originally, I was planning to cook Chicken Pappardelle yet can't find pappardelle pasta so I substitute linguine instead. Chicken Ricotta Tomato-Cream Pasta is basically composed of: Linguine(Noodle), Chix, Bacon, Garlic, tomato, Ricotta cheese, sun dried tomato in oil packed, dry white wine, heavy cream, lemon, red pepper flakes, S&P. :) Fast &flavorful night!Try it at home! :p

Linggo, Hulyo 17, 2011

The Legal Drag Race

Have you ever been to a drag race? or perhaps you've been seeing car race in most parts of Metro Manila but that's not what I'm talking about. Something legal,licensed, challenging in exchange of a price with honor and pride. Clark International Speedway located in Pampanga has been open for aspiring car racers every other year with open field of 1.96km and facilitates for legal, yes its LEGAL drag race and circuit racing. 

The perfect shot from above composed for circuit and drag racing. Quoted: "With 7 left turns & 4 right turns in direction"
We've been usually hearing drag race through word of the mouth. My man who was in evidently a race addict didn't let the perfect timing to pass by. Since its legal, there were some necessary requirements needed: payment for placement, parking tent, helmet and a racer suit. Jon, who was part of BSP( Blindspot Autogroup) converged and teamed up paying these. Days gone, I had zero sleep day before the competition. Feeling too nervous since its jon's first time to engage in

 I had no idea until we reached the said venue. All vehicles have their own style and distinction. Through observation and hearing the exhaust its obvious that big investments were made just to look their cars at best. 

Wait is over, Its time to finally taste the real thing on drag race and let the adrenalin rush begin. Jon in Yaris a.k.a Bogart, Ian for Bullet were both under the same category--Hotstreet. However, during warm-up something went wrong with bullet and ended up not joining the race. 

Bogart is on the loose,he's unstoppable. 
Out of 20+ competitors few remained and prove the best racer.
Jon who had 18.2 seconds time table maintained and exceeded his competitors. I was too overwhelmed & praying at the same time to get the game over with.
There were no proper seats available (we had to bring our own chairs) plus I'm all drained from the heat and soaked up from my sweat. 

I was there, witnessed the event. I'm a proud girlfriend at the same time I became a fan. Oh yes! So proud of him, all throughout the race transitions he acted like so natural and pro, apparently he placed 4th on the category.Not bad for the first timers like him. What else have I got to say, he impressed a lot of people even the real racers who won thought of him being a threat. I'm very thankful nothing bad happened to him.  From challenging himself and venturing in, I believe he left a good imprint to his co-racers, that there's more to give in the next game.  
(Videos will be uploaded soon!
Some Photos were taken by Emil Bacay.& @supermotojunkie.com 

Biyernes, Hulyo 15, 2011

Jon's Despedida Party @Cafe Arabiscato

The party started with gleaming lights and pounding sounds all over the place!

DJ' Spinning with style in the house!

Jon was too overwhelmed with the presence of his friends and cousins. I can see it in his eyes. As he mentioned "parang nag-debut lang ako" Thanks to those who came and participated to our very unusual games. Hahaha!(that's why some pics are censored, Wag na mashock) Thanks to Iya and Jed for helping me organize in a short span of time and to my bebe Leah and icee! you guys are amazing!!! And to my man, We love you and we're all here to support you! :)

Photos were taken by different genius photographers namely: @Ralph Apostol , @Van Christian and @Emil Bacay Thanks guys! :)

Huwebes, Hulyo 7, 2011

French Macarons!

My first attempt to French Macarons: It has a little twist since I cut off my budget I used Four seasons flavor instead of raspberry. You think its being a little traitor? hehe! French macarons by nature is sought after in Europe countries in France for instance. 
Since its my first trial I need to improve some mistakes I've done. However, people have spoken and was satisfied with the taste. Happy face na ako dun! hehe
Would like to bake more of these and sell in the near future. (Please support) hehe!

Martes, Hunyo 28, 2011

"Pinoy This Way" by Mikey Bustos (Lady Gaga Parody)

"Pinoy This Way" by Mikey Bustos (Lady Gaga Parody)

It doesn't matter if your Pinay or if you're P-I-N-O-Y.Just point with your lips pare cause we're pinoy this way, baby.Use your eyes. If it was snake it bit you already! My Momma scolded me when I was young, when I said I hated school. She said "You know the land where we come from, every class is always full."Because in Philippines education is never taken for granted, no it's not, along with food, work, and medication, we know they all come from God. Back home, a land far away,Where we work hard every day, It makes us grateful, baby we're pinoy this way. Where you will need pamaypay as temperature rises high you have not lived 'till you live like a pinoy this way. Nothing ever goes to waste appreciate, don't throw away baby, we're pinoy this way! Say my prayers everyday, Bless to all the elderly,We always say "po" cause We're pinoy this way. Don't mean to brag, it's Philippines,We're Ricivores, it's in our genes,Model for Bench, I want to be. My mom said no, and palo'ed me Our culture's full of diversity,We're waving the red, white, yellow, and blueTagalog, Ibanag, Kapangpangan and Ilolano are my roots.Whether you are in the provincesor in the Capitol Manila, hey-heyYou'll find we're all the same deep down inside,Pinoy tayo! and Mabuhey! It's mabuhay. Think traffic here makes you curse?Well, in Manila it's worse,But we still show respect baby, we're pinoy this way I take jeepney cuz it's fast,Calesa uses no gas,I drive a tricycle, babyI'm pinoy this way. Use a rope to tie the knotTouch the Tarsiers better notBaby, we're pinoy this wayPlay pusoy to win the pot,Sabong, kawawa naman,So pick the right cock, babyWe're pinoy this way.Pretty pinays, and strong pinoysHave dancing feet, a pretty voice,We're everywhere, the world is ours,We have sarsi drink, NO not sars!With many capabilities, lots like Imelda's shoegalleries,Just stand up proud and say today,Mabuhay! Yun you're pinoy this way! We have white rice on our plate, San miguel beer, balut egg, and chicharon bulaklak, cuz we're pinoy this wayWe eat vinigar with fruit, use spoon and fork to eat food, we're saving some for baon, we're pinoy this way. We take our sapatos off,And put our chinellas on,But watch the host say, "Waaaggg, put your shoes back on!"Cuz we're pinoy this wayWhether we're black, white, or beige,Yes we are orient-made,We come in different looks and coloursWe're pinoy this way.I can ride a calabaw,Noone can beat Pacquiao,Baby, we're pinoy this wayCR's at the megamallDon't have toilet seat at allVisit the skating rink,Inside the mall you can skate. When she turns 16 we do,Catillion and a debut,Oh, and again two years laterWe're pinoy this wayFrom tinikling with bambooTo videoke wit

h youToday we're celebrating,Being a pinoy this way.Same DNAWe're Pinoy this wayLong spanish nameWe're Pinoy this way!

Biyernes, Hunyo 24, 2011

MAC Lip collection

It was long ago since I've posted, perhaps this is the time just to have an input in my blog-- My personal MAC lip collection. Believe it or not I was "semi" one of the boys back then. I was a player in high school so girly stuffs are out of my league. Eventually years in college introduced and became too addicted to it. One of my classes in Benilde required us to apply make up. I bought different brand lines, one of which is M.A.C. Pretty sure that everyone has their own say on and I'll give it a try to say my personal comments too. 
Two years in a row I've collected four lippies. Two I bought in States which cost $15 each.
Satin Pink Noveau Abo
First Lipstick I had from my first salary. I bought it for $15 last 2010.  The color is so light and can be applied in any occasions. Its very feminine and too good for teenagers
Viva Glam Cyndi Lustre
This is not the type of red lipstick that's the same with the celebrities. Viva Glam is more lighter and close to color pink.I was too reluctant to buy the stronger shade since I'm afraid that It wont fit my skin tone. Application is a bit stressful, sometimes I coat it twice so I could see more reddish lip.
Creme Sheen Lickable
The sales lady in Shang Mall recommended me to have this kind of pink shade since I'm a bit morena. I believe this shade goes to a more darker women. It went okay, Actually its been my favorite cause it blends well. Contented with its first application, bright lippie! I likeey! For more info: MAC Lipstick in shang usually range to 900-1000 pesos.
Satin Alibi Abo
Satin Alibi, Most likely close to matte. And again since my skin tone varies to diff kind of lipstick, I chose the lighter orange-y lippie this time. I want it more natural and more lighter. Been using this at the moment. However I bought it for 1000 pesos this time in Trinoma, though I dont feel any guilt since I love it so much. Its not too shiney and it stays up longer time. 
(From Left to Right Satin Pink, Viva Glam-2 coats,Creme sheen,Satin Alibi)
As you noticed, I have managed to get almost the same shades(cause I'm a newbie in MAC) Spending with these lippies are worth. Also there are tons of branded lines which also caters to a good lippie. But if you have the budget I would say spend one or two lipsticks.  As of now, know to pick the right shade for your skin tone. Choosing the best color and take note not to pair your lipstick to your outfit cause it makes the picture so redundant.

QUOTED FROM Styles101, This might help: