Martes, Mayo 10, 2011

Beach Bummer in Batangas! Click this for your background music :)
I’m a self-proclaimed beach bummer these days ago. ha ha ha! Just bear with me.I had one of the most unique experience in Batangas. For One:My first time to attend in a fiesta, Two: to sleep in a tent and be like a survivor in a lost island and Third: first time to have a photowalk with a friend who was also a camera enthusiast. Before hand, I researched some pictures about beach photography that’s why I had some ideas how to Focus and Shoot! Of course I didn’t miss any chance to take pictures with the beautiful weather, though it drizzled a bit and was so thankful it stopped. So I was so ecstatic! hahaha! I used my 450d SLR and made some edits to further expose the vibrance on each photos I took. I would like to thank Bacalso Family for taking good care and giving us the best service at their lovely abode,*we were so full talaga as they say” Mapapagod dahil ang daming pagkain na bibigay sayo— so TRUE!” The Sumulong parents for being our guardian in the island and of course the BSP Family for pushing this trip! 
Location: Munting Buhangin , Nasugbo Batangas
Camera: Canon EOS 450d edited and taken by yours truly 
Photo walk starts here: 

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