Martes, Mayo 10, 2011

Circle of LOVE & Friendship.

The once in a blue moon get together of my barkada. The rain, Oh my gosh! The rain was so scary to the point of hearing drops falling on the windows,next thing we know its Bagyong Bebeng. Together with my friends,We were supposed to watch FAST5 movie but then the tickets were already sold out and the only time slot left was the last full show. Since we didn’t want to go home so late we chose to have some dinner.  Catching up at Abe, soo many stories to tell since we’re already starting our own career (well, us still bum as of now). It was like a short span of time just to make up with my super amazing friendships. Our friendship, for more than five years. 8th year just to be exact. We grew up together, same school, same section, same experiences, same teachers, same interests,same humor. We share almost everything and help each other’s when in need. From Nene and Totoy days until now at the career stage. Kissing our problems away whenever we’re together,I la-la-love them!
The girl bonding, Nail colors & flats!
Candid shot by J. Santos.
I love this girl, My babe! Iane Velasco.
 With boys in our lives.
Glench, Debs, Rie and Myself at Bubble Tea.
The Panorama shot: So, Kiss me?
Hugs and Kisses! ♡❤❤

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