Martes, Mayo 10, 2011

Addiction in Black & Orange wheels.

 Is he obsessed?♉
Whenever there’s a conversation about cars, he talks very confidently & openly its like he knows every part of it. ( Ang daldal lang ) As I see, he’s going “GAGA!!!” *my term* every time someone engages topics with cars. Apparently, some boys consider their cars as human by giving names, Treat it as a baby or even worst as their second wife.  Strange enough! I knooowwww :)
Perhaps its a trend in our generation today cause my boyfriend acts the same way. He and his friends would give such names “Macky, Bullet, Paris” ehem ehem , Well Jon of course has its name too. Meet BOGART —Jon’s baby.
On the brighter side, it may seem “Steady & Natural” for me. As to girls we love dressing up spending pang “KIKAYS” which sometimes a bit pricey. Likewise with cars, BUT its more priceyyyy. Giving the best, only but the best for bogart, like Turbo, stickers, spring & wheels. :)  
The same with girls, boys are very expressive spending time just to pamper their cars. Okay I myself is a witnessed, Bogart is such a spoiled car and gets what he needs. Jon always makes sure bogart could be the most attractive by giving him a car wash ,changes oil, head banging sound system & has the best fragrance. Every time Jon hears any squeaks or unusual sound he wouldn’t spare anytime and make sure everything is well and organized. In other words, he puts a lot of effort and hard work just to look bogart very “HANDSOME”.  Wheew!! Anyone can relate? YEEAH? ☑
 Its like their opposite twin cause boys see themselves to their cars 
Bogart newly changed wheels

Waited for hours just to attach his Gauge. 

BOGART with a big SMILE* :)
Photos taken by Jherick Zshornack & Rap Rap Apostol 

 Boys are boys. Girls can’t compete with CARS simply because they *boys* are part of them. Simply giving them a support perhaps is an additional big reward for them, hehehe,.✇

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