Martes, Mayo 10, 2011

Food Trip in Bangkok, Thailand

When we speak of FOOD TRIP? Never kami Umtras jan especially Boyfie, I could say he influenced me a lot. LIKEEE A LOT! He never fails to let me taste new dishes! All of these thai dishes made me cry, because of its HELL SPICES!!! Unlike here Thais always have these condiments on the table such as sugar, fish sauce, chili flakes & vinegar with jalapenos. Egg noodle soup with sugar and nuts was my FAVORITE! UHM!!! Spice & sweetness was totally balanced.  Its fun to be unknown in this environment, the most fun part??? To observe them while eating. :) Hehehe! Like in a good way cause of curiosity! 

Egg noodle soup with variation of with soup and no soup. No soup✓☝
Special Thai Iced tea of Salil Hotel
Very Spicy Red Curry
Our daily breakfast meal
Thai Mango Sticky Rice Dessert (Khao Niaow Ma Muang)

all of these made me cry like a baby. hell too spicy!


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