Martes, Mayo 10, 2011

Nyooy meets Thailand

Before anything else, I would like to acknowledge those who helped me to push this trip. It wasn’t JUST a trip, well that’s based from my observations (hihi). Even though I rant all the time due to some mislead schedules it was all worth it! For one I was with him, next I was able to be with one of the good or should I say Master of all Pastry Chefs in Asia & Europe! Wheew!  Though only had the chance to roam at night *where all malls were closed already* & during our last day, It was totally fine!!!  All I can say is I’m so blessed!!! (Part1)

Santos siblings were present before their Kuya leaves for Bangkok.


Since we opted CebuPAC, we had to avail our LUNCH! *Coffee mocha & Cheese Sandwich*

Just landed in Suvarnabhumi airport. From a far, the airport looks HK airport. 

But hey Surprisingly, BKK airport pasok sa top 10 Asia’s airport

Our First TAXI , Right handed pala sila. 

TUKTUK—Our cheapest mode of transportation because itssss FREEE from the hotel!!! :))))
BULAGA! Welcome to Thailand!!! Wihooooo!!! We look NGARAG! :D

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