Martes, Mayo 31, 2011


My baby peachie is all grown up, she had her first (.) , so heavy and her body was like all stretched out. She's now at the 10th month and two months more she's turning 1 year old. how fast! today my baby had her grooming and I decided to give her a puppy cut since her hair was too unmanageable.
After three hours of waiting, TADAH! I love her new look, she's so clean and presentable.  Everyone at home was surprised with her new look as well. My baby is now getting more tame, she doesn't throw up in the car plus she doesn't chill too. I was so happy to test her bad habits with good results

Thus, I gave her a reward. She's now wearing  pampers with panty of course!   
 Beef Cesar with different pork sticks.
Of course the rest of our babies namely: Micah's dog" Jammy & Wimoo", Ahya's dog" Chikie" and My dog " peachie" had the same dinner with a bit of fine dinning service. 

Look how happy she was after her meal.

Lunes, Mayo 30, 2011


 The moment we reached Madrid, Mama & I had a quick bite in the nearest restaurant within Plaza Mayor where so many restaurants to choose from but the thing that caught our tempting eyes was the hanging meats and the buzzing people coming in and out of the place, none other than-- Museo de Jamon in english translated as Museum of Ham. 
Fresh meats displayed in and out of the establishment.  Even passer by would stop and take a gaze on the hanging displays. 
It is indeed a worth time just to look even you don't have any intentions of buying their products. Entering the shop you would see different hanging legs/ hanging jamon , so many selection of cheeses! Oh yummy! All of them are for sale. 
Noticed so many locals were even eating at the bar counter , they said its a "Tapa Style" a small serving of meat with a combination of wine.  A little feeling of remorse due to some language barriers with the staff of the restaurant though the service was so quick and not too abrupt and food experience wasn't a problem much. 
As the resto name says Museum of Ham, they basically offer spanish ham, salads, steaks, tortillas and etc.  We tried Ham, Salami, Spanish Bread, Gambas, etc, so many to tell but what I liked the most was the Salami. Even it was categorized as a food chain, I liked some of its selections! 

Miyerkules, Mayo 25, 2011

Sweets Overload in Madrid

Take home sweets from Madrid. Valor Restaurante,  a chocolaterias where churros and chocolate a big hit to the locals. The group had the breakfast meal in here. The place was only open for the group. We were treated so exclusive. Chocolate everywhere! NOT ONLY THAT, I also brought home some La Cure Gourmande Chocolates!
This blog is for 
Sweets overload
Valor packaging
I have five variety of chocolate truffles!
 Uhhh so Heavenly I must say. from L to R
Trufa Oro, Trufa Esquis Bitter, Trufa Glass,
Trufa Origen& Trufa Blanc Engandin.
The chocolate used for churros though its too strong. I bought one so ahya and jon could taste it also. :)

I took home black & white chocolates for baking!
Almond Chocolates from La Cure Gourmande
 Some were covered with black or white chocs.

Viva Espanya!

Plaza Mayor
Museo De Sofia (Panorama version)
Segovia Aqueduct
Segovia Aqueduct (Panorama version) 
Traditional houses in Segovia
Alcazar de Segovia Castle
Made it at the top haha!
With the soldier *boy* haha!
Philippine flag rocks!
Las Ventas *Bullfight show*
Segovia Park
The Biggest church I've seen so far, I made a wish when I got in!
Cabildo Catedral de Segovia
Uncle James!
Temple De Dehod

Lunes, Mayo 16, 2011

French Tips.

Listening to the beat of "The show goes on"

French Tips nails.

I like it when my nails are clean, Sometimes I paint some colors but in my field Nail polish is not allowed. Just enjoying the rest of my free time. 

A Traveler's diary

Three months of preparation, All things started with an invitation from my mom's sister, they have free tickets of four to Spain. The whole trip consists of more than twenty tourist so it is counted as a company tour. Itinerary has been prepared, lodging & accommodations has been paid.  Papers were processed very smoothly since there's someone to handle it *Uncle James*, all we have to do was to follow up and send our passports as per request. The interview date has come, we needed to show up. Everything went exactly as an ordinary interview process ( I was still impressed with the consuls because they can speak tagalog)  however, they wouldn't say whether your visa's granted nor denied.  Weeks and holy week had past, all we knew we were already granted yet days before our flight thats the only time we knew we were got denied and our passports were scheduled to delivered one day before the said flight. We were all puzzled with the outcome, of course, who wouldn't? right? with all submitted documents it all came up with this. We prepared our letter of appeal, we even planned of going back to the embassy that day however, office hours was only until 2:00pm. Our hopes didn't end there, we went back the day of our flight. but sorry to say this, they have the worse system and the guards, OMG they were so rude. you know the worst? they would give such excuses like they will call you back, or even the guard would say" stop hoping cause u already got denied" -- WTF HOW DARE TO SAY!, or even they won't allow us to go up. 

Technically, this is not our fault since we followed up everything on hand. What says in the letter , ehem ehem ehem "1 month notice prior to the scheduled flight"
Three times of going back and forth to our house to the embassy and with this kind of weather we have. Talagang iinit ulo mo e, it was such a tiring day. My mama and the handler *Uncle James, who had the best fighting spirit was such an inspiring, as what Uncle James said " lalaban tayo parang sa basketball lang yan, magappeal tayo hanggat time is up na"  I don't know what this trip up to?  but with the long process, my excitement totally crashed. I was totally hoping it wouldn't be granted anymore. Of all the waiting and stuff. Yet the group was totally unbelievable, even they reached Barcelona already, they were willing enough to wait for us only until monday however the system and decision again is such a blur. Everything I've ever imagined was back to nothing. With mama's advices I wouldn't look up again. Yeah she's right without this we wouldn't know, that hey! this could really happen in general. Lesson for this? To seek help from the travel agents ahead of time cause they can reach the embassy in quick time. 

" Today I learned the beauty of rejection, even the world is against your plans for sure better & brighter opportunities will come your way. ;) " 

Thank goodness! 

Miyerkules, Mayo 11, 2011

Strangers, again

This is the video which every couple will definitely relate. How to handle a relationship and everything under the sun. You, If you're in a relationship right now,yes! better watch this. From strangers to lovers and back to strangers again. *nakakakilig at nakakalungkot lang* Enjoy watching!

Nicki Minaj - Super Bass

I'm addicted with Nicki Minaj's "Super Bass", Dancing to the beat and following the chorus part.ang gaga ko na! This is my #ultimatesummersong :p

Martes, Mayo 10, 2011

Circle of LOVE & Friendship.

The once in a blue moon get together of my barkada. The rain, Oh my gosh! The rain was so scary to the point of hearing drops falling on the windows,next thing we know its Bagyong Bebeng. Together with my friends,We were supposed to watch FAST5 movie but then the tickets were already sold out and the only time slot left was the last full show. Since we didn’t want to go home so late we chose to have some dinner.  Catching up at Abe, soo many stories to tell since we’re already starting our own career (well, us still bum as of now). It was like a short span of time just to make up with my super amazing friendships. Our friendship, for more than five years. 8th year just to be exact. We grew up together, same school, same section, same experiences, same teachers, same interests,same humor. We share almost everything and help each other’s when in need. From Nene and Totoy days until now at the career stage. Kissing our problems away whenever we’re together,I la-la-love them!
The girl bonding, Nail colors & flats!
Candid shot by J. Santos.
I love this girl, My babe! Iane Velasco.
 With boys in our lives.
Glench, Debs, Rie and Myself at Bubble Tea.
The Panorama shot: So, Kiss me?
Hugs and Kisses! ♡❤❤