Martes, Hunyo 28, 2011

"Pinoy This Way" by Mikey Bustos (Lady Gaga Parody)

"Pinoy This Way" by Mikey Bustos (Lady Gaga Parody)

It doesn't matter if your Pinay or if you're P-I-N-O-Y.Just point with your lips pare cause we're pinoy this way, baby.Use your eyes. If it was snake it bit you already! My Momma scolded me when I was young, when I said I hated school. She said "You know the land where we come from, every class is always full."Because in Philippines education is never taken for granted, no it's not, along with food, work, and medication, we know they all come from God. Back home, a land far away,Where we work hard every day, It makes us grateful, baby we're pinoy this way. Where you will need pamaypay as temperature rises high you have not lived 'till you live like a pinoy this way. Nothing ever goes to waste appreciate, don't throw away baby, we're pinoy this way! Say my prayers everyday, Bless to all the elderly,We always say "po" cause We're pinoy this way. Don't mean to brag, it's Philippines,We're Ricivores, it's in our genes,Model for Bench, I want to be. My mom said no, and palo'ed me Our culture's full of diversity,We're waving the red, white, yellow, and blueTagalog, Ibanag, Kapangpangan and Ilolano are my roots.Whether you are in the provincesor in the Capitol Manila, hey-heyYou'll find we're all the same deep down inside,Pinoy tayo! and Mabuhey! It's mabuhay. Think traffic here makes you curse?Well, in Manila it's worse,But we still show respect baby, we're pinoy this way I take jeepney cuz it's fast,Calesa uses no gas,I drive a tricycle, babyI'm pinoy this way. Use a rope to tie the knotTouch the Tarsiers better notBaby, we're pinoy this wayPlay pusoy to win the pot,Sabong, kawawa naman,So pick the right cock, babyWe're pinoy this way.Pretty pinays, and strong pinoysHave dancing feet, a pretty voice,We're everywhere, the world is ours,We have sarsi drink, NO not sars!With many capabilities, lots like Imelda's shoegalleries,Just stand up proud and say today,Mabuhay! Yun you're pinoy this way! We have white rice on our plate, San miguel beer, balut egg, and chicharon bulaklak, cuz we're pinoy this wayWe eat vinigar with fruit, use spoon and fork to eat food, we're saving some for baon, we're pinoy this way. We take our sapatos off,And put our chinellas on,But watch the host say, "Waaaggg, put your shoes back on!"Cuz we're pinoy this wayWhether we're black, white, or beige,Yes we are orient-made,We come in different looks and coloursWe're pinoy this way.I can ride a calabaw,Noone can beat Pacquiao,Baby, we're pinoy this wayCR's at the megamallDon't have toilet seat at allVisit the skating rink,Inside the mall you can skate. When she turns 16 we do,Catillion and a debut,Oh, and again two years laterWe're pinoy this wayFrom tinikling with bambooTo videoke wit

h youToday we're celebrating,Being a pinoy this way.Same DNAWe're Pinoy this wayLong spanish nameWe're Pinoy this way!

Biyernes, Hunyo 24, 2011

MAC Lip collection

It was long ago since I've posted, perhaps this is the time just to have an input in my blog-- My personal MAC lip collection. Believe it or not I was "semi" one of the boys back then. I was a player in high school so girly stuffs are out of my league. Eventually years in college introduced and became too addicted to it. One of my classes in Benilde required us to apply make up. I bought different brand lines, one of which is M.A.C. Pretty sure that everyone has their own say on and I'll give it a try to say my personal comments too. 
Two years in a row I've collected four lippies. Two I bought in States which cost $15 each.
Satin Pink Noveau Abo
First Lipstick I had from my first salary. I bought it for $15 last 2010.  The color is so light and can be applied in any occasions. Its very feminine and too good for teenagers
Viva Glam Cyndi Lustre
This is not the type of red lipstick that's the same with the celebrities. Viva Glam is more lighter and close to color pink.I was too reluctant to buy the stronger shade since I'm afraid that It wont fit my skin tone. Application is a bit stressful, sometimes I coat it twice so I could see more reddish lip.
Creme Sheen Lickable
The sales lady in Shang Mall recommended me to have this kind of pink shade since I'm a bit morena. I believe this shade goes to a more darker women. It went okay, Actually its been my favorite cause it blends well. Contented with its first application, bright lippie! I likeey! For more info: MAC Lipstick in shang usually range to 900-1000 pesos.
Satin Alibi Abo
Satin Alibi, Most likely close to matte. And again since my skin tone varies to diff kind of lipstick, I chose the lighter orange-y lippie this time. I want it more natural and more lighter. Been using this at the moment. However I bought it for 1000 pesos this time in Trinoma, though I dont feel any guilt since I love it so much. Its not too shiney and it stays up longer time. 
(From Left to Right Satin Pink, Viva Glam-2 coats,Creme sheen,Satin Alibi)
As you noticed, I have managed to get almost the same shades(cause I'm a newbie in MAC) Spending with these lippies are worth. Also there are tons of branded lines which also caters to a good lippie. But if you have the budget I would say spend one or two lipsticks.  As of now, know to pick the right shade for your skin tone. Choosing the best color and take note not to pair your lipstick to your outfit cause it makes the picture so redundant.

QUOTED FROM Styles101, This might help:


Huwebes, Hunyo 16, 2011

Miss Longchamp

Kate Moss for Longchamp
Fox brown tote bag by moss 
Ecru Messenger bag

Sandy hand bag 
 Summer Collection * I like! This is not moss anymore,

Longchamp has been one my favorite branded bags since its very convenient to handle.It has main compartment and a single pocket plus can be folded  if not in use.I can say I'm slightly addicted to it, A collection of different lines namely: Red Planetes and La Pliage ( Navy in extra large and medium size & taupe). 

 I'm a bit frustrated whenever I see replicas, and thru it I learned to detect whether its fake or not. I'm not against anybody, this is just my own opinion/perspective and I always keep my itchy mouth to shut up whenever I got to see one . Its not a bad thing though cause we all have our own approach.Its just happened that I'm already acquainted to it when I go commute. 

Kate Moss as the brand endorser of Longchamp. I'm so hooked up with these photos,  Eyeing on the last photo, summer collection 2011.  Unfortunately, few are yet to be available in PH.

LC can be found in different stores located usually in Rustans and Duty Free. BUT, in modern generation, online local bag stores have stocks with most probably low prices. "Ohwhatabags" is recommendable, ALL ORIGINAL. Most products are brand new.AT times, its sale on second hand that's slightly use. Though if you got the chance to swing by outside the country,grab the chance to buy cause its way cheaper than in PH,Swear.So thats  it,My thoughts end here. 


Linggo, Hunyo 12, 2011

Hello to legal age, Happy 21st to my love!

 With the girls Me, Ketty, Iane & Ana

 I love youuuu Ketty! 

Leo,myself and the birthday girl 
 Someone was so playful behind you, Ketty.

At Krazy Garlik with my Krazzyyy Friends. celebrating ketty's 21st birthday,starting her new and fresh legal journey, You can now do whatever you wish fow.So much fun in this year! 
I love you, sweetie!

Lunes, Hunyo 6, 2011

The prisoner in me.

I have so many questions running in my head right now, keeping myself awake in the middle of the night. tossing and turning in my bed. I chose to blog instead...

1. Have you ever felt being sort of a prisoner at home? I somehow feel it yet with no inmates to be with.  The feeling of chasing the outside world but ended up staring the screen at your laptop. The time when all you wanted was to make things on your own with no one on your side with the ecstatic feeling of accomplishment. getting out from the box whenever I want to, but a time table is always needed and geographically undesirable I have. How come I can't simply do these things? all guards up whenever I want to make things possible, All eyes on my moves. All things are so unreachable.  To be friends with independence is all I've wanted to live for. 

2.I asked myself, Can I still do this.. A thing we called gift became extraordinary these past days we spent together. Is this still tolerable? obviously, we pushed ourselves to the limit where everyone got involved in the situation. At all times, I had one thinking in my mind-- to end everything we had and to start to live our own lives. yet you know me too well, looking in your eyes is unbearable. The sparky feeling and all of my unwell thoughts melted and kissed my breath away. But the whole thing doesn't stop there, how long are we going to patch every unsolved issues we have? the attitude we acted to each other? and the chance to step up to a better company we will have in the future.  

 Sometimes I'm praying for the earth to open up and swallow me alive. I don't know when can these be all answered. But with God's hope, In time Better and Brighter plans ahead for me. 

Screw up my dramas, and Thank you for sparing time to read my rants. God Bless!

Linggo, Hunyo 5, 2011



 His & hers!
To my brother who's a shoe addict and to me that was so excited to wear my heels. Something unusual when vanity strikes.

Sabado, Hunyo 4, 2011

The Wedding Bells of Francis & Jaimee.

 The L O V E of her life.
"It was once a dream"
(at Caleruega, Batangas The priest set a good example thru
 iPAD stating "I'M NOT YOUR BOSS")
Unexplainable Kiss
She just look sooooo stunning.
Seven Years of Love, But that day it ended for a new beginning of love that will last for a lifetime.
 Unending photo booth pics!

I'm so happy we made it to the date, So happy with the couple, Seven years of being together as bf/gf is no joke. Such a role model for all youngsters slash freshy relationship like us. I wish you to live in peace and in perfect union. Go and multiply!!! Can't wait for the next little Francis & little Jaimee! Thank you so much God Bless to both! xoxo

Photos taken from @toticles & Andrea Santos.

Biyernes, Hunyo 3, 2011

iPhone Pro Virtual Unboxing

The upcoming iphone pro/ iphone 5 this june. The trend keeps on changing, Philippines just released iphone 4 and apparently a new version will be out in the market this June 2011.


Huwebes, Hunyo 2, 2011

Jose Maria Restaurante

Jose Maria Restaurante caters its best sellers " conchilla & cordero" Translated in english, Cordero= Lamb & Conchilla= Piglet. Located in the city of Segovia, you'll see some of its breathtaking sceneries like their traditional houses, old aged churches and shopping alleys as well.  We walked thru the corners of  the city of Segovia just to reach the restaurant. I would say we really had a long walk. Purely walk plus going down narrowed stairs to like basement type of location.  Upon entering the doorstep, staffs were too accommodating to provide you a table right away. As I have managed to research, I've founded that Jose Maria is one of the top restaurants in Spain in contemporary days. And Lucky me! I was able to savor the most looked up to traditional spanish dishes. In a usual way, waiters had to serve the food however, since we were in a group. Jose Maria himself went out and did the procedure. He used a plate to break the conchilla apart. I'm not gonna lie but it was one of the best lamb & piglets I've ever tasted. All thumbs up for this food.  I myself know that the bill is incredibly expensive nevertheless its all worth it. Food with a good combination of red wine.In addition we have take home   free souvenirs from the resto. Perfecto! Just being so thankful to have this kind of Wow experience. 
Conchilla- Suckling piglets
Jose Maria himself breaking them apart
Cordero- Lamb
See how it looks so sumptuous?
of course I wouldn't forget my personal pic in front of the facade of the restaurant.:)

Green Lefties Shoes at Barajas Airport