Martes, Mayo 10, 2011

A taste of Little Tokyo in Manila.

I’ve read so many blogs about the so called Little Tokyo in Makati whereas they serve authentic Jap food. Since we*Jon and I* were too much in craved for to a close authentic Japanese cuisine, we opted to try out this secret place located in Pasong Tamo, Makati. I just cant believe how good he was in sense of direction and yeah we immediately found the place. As I said in my tweet, “He is like a walking map!”.
At the first glimpse you’ll notice the ark stated with its name LITTLE TOKYO. The place is so small that all restaus were compacted, few restaurants to choose from with its own specialties. Since we were early bird there were still few guests in placed thus we had the chance to check menus from different restaurants. 
Urameshiya, was our chosen one, Since we were thrilled with the ambiance and got excited to fact of A.k.a “Shabu shabu type” therefore with no hesitation, *tara dito tayo*. Loud greetings from all dressed up waitresses made us feel that hey, its so alien and we can’t understand what you’ve been saying, subtitle please, HAHA LOL. Though the staff were so accommodating and friendly. 
The place was so small, manga books, wines, background music and small tables made even felt the real Japanese ambiance. *feeling ko tuloy nasa Japan ako,*
You have the freewill to read on their manga books, haha! Kami lang ang walang hilig e. 
One thing that I liked was to experience the tradition Japanese style sitting in a semi private room where you have to remove your shoes. BUT their table was a big joke! cause the table was not enclosed and you can actually suspend your feet on the ground. *no to indian sitting* hahaha!
Jon Santos, Ready to eat. 
Some pics Ive posted were greens and salmon, Since I was too excited I had no time to take pictures ha ha ha!
I was trying the blur effect in my camera. hehe! 
Omakase package: with Salmon, Pork intestine, Takoyaki, Wagyu beef, etc!
Okay, We were so full and had no room in our tummy! 
We had some leftovers and took it home, It was a great time indulging in these authentic jap restau.
Of course, I wouldn’t missed out taking photos with the Zen Garden.
The price was not too costly since two servings was actually plated with 3-4 heads. So it was all OKAY. 

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