Huwebes, Hunyo 16, 2011

Miss Longchamp

Kate Moss for Longchamp
Fox brown tote bag by moss 
Ecru Messenger bag

Sandy hand bag 
 Summer Collection * I like! This is not moss anymore,

Longchamp has been one my favorite branded bags since its very convenient to handle.It has main compartment and a single pocket plus can be folded  if not in use.I can say I'm slightly addicted to it, A collection of different lines namely: Red Planetes and La Pliage ( Navy in extra large and medium size & taupe). 

 I'm a bit frustrated whenever I see replicas, and thru it I learned to detect whether its fake or not. I'm not against anybody, this is just my own opinion/perspective and I always keep my itchy mouth to shut up whenever I got to see one . Its not a bad thing though cause we all have our own approach.Its just happened that I'm already acquainted to it when I go commute. 

Kate Moss as the brand endorser of Longchamp. I'm so hooked up with these photos,  Eyeing on the last photo, summer collection 2011.  Unfortunately, few are yet to be available in PH.

LC can be found in different stores located usually in Rustans and Duty Free. BUT, in modern generation, online local bag stores have stocks with most probably low prices. "Ohwhatabags" is recommendable, ALL ORIGINAL. Most products are brand new.AT times, its sale on second hand that's slightly use. Though if you got the chance to swing by outside the country,grab the chance to buy cause its way cheaper than in PH,Swear.So thats  it,My thoughts end here. 


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