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MAC Lip collection

It was long ago since I've posted, perhaps this is the time just to have an input in my blog-- My personal MAC lip collection. Believe it or not I was "semi" one of the boys back then. I was a player in high school so girly stuffs are out of my league. Eventually years in college introduced and became too addicted to it. One of my classes in Benilde required us to apply make up. I bought different brand lines, one of which is M.A.C. Pretty sure that everyone has their own say on and I'll give it a try to say my personal comments too. 
Two years in a row I've collected four lippies. Two I bought in States which cost $15 each.
Satin Pink Noveau Abo
First Lipstick I had from my first salary. I bought it for $15 last 2010.  The color is so light and can be applied in any occasions. Its very feminine and too good for teenagers
Viva Glam Cyndi Lustre
This is not the type of red lipstick that's the same with the celebrities. Viva Glam is more lighter and close to color pink.I was too reluctant to buy the stronger shade since I'm afraid that It wont fit my skin tone. Application is a bit stressful, sometimes I coat it twice so I could see more reddish lip.
Creme Sheen Lickable
The sales lady in Shang Mall recommended me to have this kind of pink shade since I'm a bit morena. I believe this shade goes to a more darker women. It went okay, Actually its been my favorite cause it blends well. Contented with its first application, bright lippie! I likeey! For more info: MAC Lipstick in shang usually range to 900-1000 pesos.
Satin Alibi Abo
Satin Alibi, Most likely close to matte. And again since my skin tone varies to diff kind of lipstick, I chose the lighter orange-y lippie this time. I want it more natural and more lighter. Been using this at the moment. However I bought it for 1000 pesos this time in Trinoma, though I dont feel any guilt since I love it so much. Its not too shiney and it stays up longer time. 
(From Left to Right Satin Pink, Viva Glam-2 coats,Creme sheen,Satin Alibi)
As you noticed, I have managed to get almost the same shades(cause I'm a newbie in MAC) Spending with these lippies are worth. Also there are tons of branded lines which also caters to a good lippie. But if you have the budget I would say spend one or two lipsticks.  As of now, know to pick the right shade for your skin tone. Choosing the best color and take note not to pair your lipstick to your outfit cause it makes the picture so redundant.

QUOTED FROM Styles101, This might help:


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