Huwebes, Hunyo 2, 2011

Jose Maria Restaurante

Jose Maria Restaurante caters its best sellers " conchilla & cordero" Translated in english, Cordero= Lamb & Conchilla= Piglet. Located in the city of Segovia, you'll see some of its breathtaking sceneries like their traditional houses, old aged churches and shopping alleys as well.  We walked thru the corners of  the city of Segovia just to reach the restaurant. I would say we really had a long walk. Purely walk plus going down narrowed stairs to like basement type of location.  Upon entering the doorstep, staffs were too accommodating to provide you a table right away. As I have managed to research, I've founded that Jose Maria is one of the top restaurants in Spain in contemporary days. And Lucky me! I was able to savor the most looked up to traditional spanish dishes. In a usual way, waiters had to serve the food however, since we were in a group. Jose Maria himself went out and did the procedure. He used a plate to break the conchilla apart. I'm not gonna lie but it was one of the best lamb & piglets I've ever tasted. All thumbs up for this food.  I myself know that the bill is incredibly expensive nevertheless its all worth it. Food with a good combination of red wine.In addition we have take home   free souvenirs from the resto. Perfecto! Just being so thankful to have this kind of Wow experience. 
Conchilla- Suckling piglets
Jose Maria himself breaking them apart
Cordero- Lamb
See how it looks so sumptuous?
of course I wouldn't forget my personal pic in front of the facade of the restaurant.:)

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