Linggo, Hulyo 17, 2011

The Legal Drag Race

Have you ever been to a drag race? or perhaps you've been seeing car race in most parts of Metro Manila but that's not what I'm talking about. Something legal,licensed, challenging in exchange of a price with honor and pride. Clark International Speedway located in Pampanga has been open for aspiring car racers every other year with open field of 1.96km and facilitates for legal, yes its LEGAL drag race and circuit racing. 

The perfect shot from above composed for circuit and drag racing. Quoted: "With 7 left turns & 4 right turns in direction"
We've been usually hearing drag race through word of the mouth. My man who was in evidently a race addict didn't let the perfect timing to pass by. Since its legal, there were some necessary requirements needed: payment for placement, parking tent, helmet and a racer suit. Jon, who was part of BSP( Blindspot Autogroup) converged and teamed up paying these. Days gone, I had zero sleep day before the competition. Feeling too nervous since its jon's first time to engage in

 I had no idea until we reached the said venue. All vehicles have their own style and distinction. Through observation and hearing the exhaust its obvious that big investments were made just to look their cars at best. 

Wait is over, Its time to finally taste the real thing on drag race and let the adrenalin rush begin. Jon in Yaris a.k.a Bogart, Ian for Bullet were both under the same category--Hotstreet. However, during warm-up something went wrong with bullet and ended up not joining the race. 

Bogart is on the loose,he's unstoppable. 
Out of 20+ competitors few remained and prove the best racer.
Jon who had 18.2 seconds time table maintained and exceeded his competitors. I was too overwhelmed & praying at the same time to get the game over with.
There were no proper seats available (we had to bring our own chairs) plus I'm all drained from the heat and soaked up from my sweat. 

I was there, witnessed the event. I'm a proud girlfriend at the same time I became a fan. Oh yes! So proud of him, all throughout the race transitions he acted like so natural and pro, apparently he placed 4th on the category.Not bad for the first timers like him. What else have I got to say, he impressed a lot of people even the real racers who won thought of him being a threat. I'm very thankful nothing bad happened to him.  From challenging himself and venturing in, I believe he left a good imprint to his co-racers, that there's more to give in the next game.  
(Videos will be uploaded soon!
Some Photos were taken by Emil Bacay.& 

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