Miyerkules, Agosto 31, 2011

Someone took what was mine-Hi Dad.

How does it feel to have one?
I believe having a king seated on his throne.
To have on my own
not to disinherit what was gone.
You put me to the test
thus I was hungry by your love to manifest.
I asked myself “who are you now by the way?”
Life could be more meaningful If only you chose to stay.
Part of me shred from you
there’s no way to blame.
So many changes in me
years of absence, I’m now a lady.
Thanks to mama,
she became my superhero-wannabe.

hahaha! I made a poem in such spontaneous time. I was in bed, awe of such blessings given to me and in an instance something came to me and write all of these. perhaps my hidden confessions bursting in tears and laughters cause I’m done with it .I’m in bliss, Thank you God. Just wanted to share my little dramas in my life. That’s it :)

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