Huwebes, Hulyo 28, 2011

Exotic Coco-Mango Part 2

I've been so busy in the kitchen lately specifically in dessert area. I've been practicing my craft and since I'm too bored at home I've decided to focus on honing my skills instead. 
In continuation of my previous post on Exotic Coco Mango Cake,it has something related with this cake. It has the same flavor however I made it a little different on the presentation. This is actually a birthday cake gift to the one special to me. I made it simple and presentable. 
I made chocolate garnishes. Thanks to Gelato Tv for educating me on Youtube. For those who wants to learn how to make chocolate garnishes, go here Gelato TV
This is a photo taken on top using my 450d canon. ( Chocolate Garnish, Mango & Pistachio Nuts)

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All pictures ⓒBethDaffodil

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