Lunes, Hulyo 18, 2011

Fasta Pasta Night.

Chicken Linguine in Ricotta Tomato-Cream Sauce

There's nothing better than a dinner of creamy chicken and pasta to satisfy my Italian cravings. Last time when Jon was still around we sought for Japanese dishes, he's into ramen and I'm into Sashimi. We can get along since we have dissimilar food fantasies & the good news "No one to share with"! ha ha ha! However, truthfully there are times when I have the motivation to cook,thus ingredients are all out and prepared having no worries but proceed to cooking. It would indeed less hassle for me( which I sounded not like a culinary student) But when things clashed all you have to think is to make a delicious dish. A delisyoso dish which hit all the right buttons of the guest.

Originally, I was planning to cook Chicken Pappardelle yet can't find pappardelle pasta so I substitute linguine instead. Chicken Ricotta Tomato-Cream Pasta is basically composed of: Linguine(Noodle), Chix, Bacon, Garlic, tomato, Ricotta cheese, sun dried tomato in oil packed, dry white wine, heavy cream, lemon, red pepper flakes, S&P. :) Fast &flavorful night!Try it at home! :p

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